Rethink Moka Pot - 6 Cup

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An Italian delight that produces an Espresso-like Coffee without any complicated equipment. The simplistic mechanism of the Moka Pot brewer is what makes us call it the Magic Pot.

Easy, inexpensive and the results are simply delicious!

Note: Pair this with a French Press and this is the toy for you Cappuccino lovers out there!

Product Description:

  • Produces 6 demitasse (2 ounce) cups of rich, velvety Espresso in less than 5 minutes. Learn how-to-brew.
  • Made of high quality polished aluminium in the classic Bialetti Octagon shape
  • Max Boiler Capacity : 10(fl oz), 300ml
  • Patented safety valve; Easy to clean and disassemble

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