Rethink Café

Q1: What is Rethink Café

A: Rethink Café is the first Pakistani Online Specialty Coffee Shop. It is not a physical café or brick and mortar store as yet.

Q2: Where is Rethink Café based?

A: Rethink Café is based in Peshawar, Pakistan and is owned by Rethink Enterprises LTD. (Canada)

Q3: What does Rethink Café sell?

A: Rethink Café provides Specialty coffee brewing solutions. It offers you three types of inexpensive Manual Coffee Brewing equipment. The Chemex, The French Press & The Moka Pot. These Coffee brewers are simple, affordable and easy to maintain.

Q4: What's so special about Rethink Café?

A: Rethink Café is a one-stop-shop solution that helps you find all you need to start brewing authentic Coffee at your own place. You do not have to hunt for the apparatus you need to brew Coffee, we provide the whole package. We even teach you how to brew!

Q5: Can Rethink Café teach us how to use this equipment to brew coffee?

A: Yes. Please view our Brew Guides.

Q6: Can I order individual items?

A: Yes.

Q7: Can I order Brew Bundles?

A: Yes.

Q8: Is Rethink Café a whole seller too?

A: Yes. Please contact us at rethinkcafe53@gmail.com for inquiries.

Q9: What is Rethink Café's target market?


Q10: Does Rethink Café sell internationally as well?

A: Absolutely.

Q11: What is Rethink Café's mission?

A: Rethink Cafè's mission is to provide and introduce authentic Coffee Brewing solutions and techniques to the steadily maturing Coffee Culture in Pakistan.

Q12: What is coffee subscription?

A: Rethink Cafe is the first online coffee store in Pakistan to introduce coffee subscription. This means you can subscribe for recurring coffee deliveries. Customers can subscribe monthly or bi-monthly. This gives you a chance to receive a pack of FRESH coffee every month or twice a month without any hassle.

Q13: How is our coffee fresh?

A: We have teamed up with a local roaster and only provide fresh coffee. Our coffee is roasted every week or on demand in small batches, so the coffee has practically ZERO time on the shelf.