About Rethink Café


Rethink Cafè's mission is to introduce authentic Coffee brewing solutions and techniques to the maturing Coffee Culture in Pakistan.

Rethink Café will showcase simplified brewing techniques so that you can prepare your Coffee like a pro without having to buy expensive Espresso machines.

Rethink Café supplies a line of simplistic coffee brewers that deliver most desirable results, look fashionable and cost less. We are positive that once you get your hands on one of our Coffee brewers, you'll be impressing family and friends with your barista skills. 

Coffee brewing is not just about getting a cup of coffee. It is a process of tranquility, logic and elegance. And Rethink Café will help you master it!

Higher Purpose

Although our goal may seem ambitious, we believe that Allah Almighty has given us an opportunity to create an impact through our business. Therefore, Rethink Café aims not only to benefit us, but to benefit the community at large.

We have partnered with a local private charitable entity by the name of Hasani Mawaid. Hasani Mawaid currently provides 50-60 meals in different neighbourhoods of Peshawar. A portion of the profits from every sale goes towards a meal in Hasani Mawaid. As the sales grow, so will the number of served meals. 

Hasani Mawaid | Rethink Café | Pakistan
Hasani Mawaid | Rethink Café | Pakistan


Rethink Café plans to broaden its spectrum in the future to expand from the retail industry into the hospitality and manufacturing industry. It is our goal to start to manufacture coffee equipment locally - creating jobs to contribute towards the economic growth of the country.