Grind Sizes: The Complete Guide

Grind Sizes: The Complete Guide


When you step into the world of coffee, there are a few major factors that contribute towards how your coffee will turn out. Grind size is one of those major factors.

We all know that every single coffee that is brewed, is made of ground coffee beans. Every single type of coffee has a different grind size which results in a specific type of coffee. For example the grind size for making an Espresso and the grind size for making a cup of Joe (Black Coffee) in a French Press are miles apart!

A wrong grind size for a specific brewing method can result in a completely rotten cup of coffee.

Grinding coffee with detail may sound a bit "too much" for the standard Pakistani like myself. On the surface it might just seem like "pees ke ubaal do", but thats not how it works when you desire "the perfect cup".

We've gathered some helpful resources from YouTube that will thoroughly explain:

  • How to grind coffee beans

  • Grind sizes according to different brewing methods

  • The science behind grind sizes

(We're in the process of making our own explanatory videos, but we don't want to keep you waiting)

We hope this helps you understand how grind sizes work and affect your coffee, and how it is one of the most crucial factors for brewing consistent and delicious coffee.

      1. Rules of Grinding Coffee

        A to-the-point video by Roasty Coffee explaining how to grind your own coffee beans. Mat also shows you how to grind with the Manual Burr Grinder available for sale.

        2. Grind Sizes and Brewing Methods

        Marc and Morgan from help you zero in on the proper grind size for your brew method of choice and talk about how grind affects flavor.

        3. The Science

        Joe discusses all the variables that go into getting that timing just right. From filter thickness to grind size.

        For the best results, we highly recommend using a "burr" grinder over a typical "blade" grinder (often used for spices etc). A burr grinder is specially made for grinding coffee, which gives is an accurate and consistent grind and eventually resulting in a perfect cup of coffee.

        If you're a coffee enthusiast, a beginner who wants to step into the magical world of coffee, or on a budget, try the Rethink Manual Coffee Burr Grinder. This hand-mill manual grinder gives you a very accurate grind with sheer consistency.


        Grind size by type of Coffee:

        Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat Whites: Fine grind

        Black coffee: Medium to course grind (depends on type of brewer)

        Cold brew, Cupping: Course grind (depends of type of brewer

        Grind size by Brewing method:

        Moka Pot, Espresso Machine: Fine Grind

        Chemex, Hario V60, Siphon, Drip machines: Medium grind

        French Press, Cupping: Course grind

        Note: All the above grind sizes and settings can be achieved using the Rethink Manual Coffee Burr Grinder.

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