Moka Pot

You will need: Moka Pot | Coffee Beans | Burr Grinder | Digital Scale | Kettle | Hot Water | Towel / Kitchen Mitt
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A tiny, Italian-made, eight-sided wonder, the Moka pot has been with us through our fair share of postage-stamp-sized kitchens and far-flung journeys. It’s experiencing a resurgence lately, which is no doubt due to its ability to produce a viscous, appropriately dense espresso with no electricity or fancy equipment. We’re also charmed by the little gurgle it makes as it works its magic on the stovetop.

STEP 1 - The Prep.

Grind about 40g of fresh coffee beans on the finest grind setting. 

Tip: Your coffee should feel almost like powder. 

STEP 2 - Lets Boil

Boil water and fill the bottom container with boiling water just up to the safety valve. 

Tip: Use a towel or kitchen mitt to handle the bottom part of the Moka Pot. Boiling water will make it hot and may burn your hands.

STEP 3 - Filter Please

Fill the pot's basket filter with freshly ground coffee up to the brim. Make sure to give it a shake and settle the grounds. Place the basket filter into the container filled with water.

Tip: Use a scale, pen, or the back side of a butter knife to evenly settle the coffee in the basket filter.

STEP 4 - Lets Connect

Screw on the spouted top half of the Moka Pot tightly onto the bottom section.

Tip: Don't forget to use a towel or kitchen mitt to grip the bottom half as it will be extremely hot!

STEP 5 - Heat It Up

Place your Moka Pot on the stove top on medium heat.

Keyword: Medium heat.

Tip: Face the safety release valve facing away from you.

STEP 6 - Magic Time

Once the water in the bottom chamber approaches a boil, the pressure will slowly push a stream of coffee methodically through the upper chamber.

Note: If it gushes upwards very forcefully, your water’s too hot! If it burbles lethargically, you need to turn up that flame. You'll know it’s done when you hear a bubbling sound.

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