French Press

You will need: French Press | Coffee BeansBurr Grinder | Digital Scale | Hot Water | Spoon / Stirrer
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The French Press produces coffee that is usually considered heavy and dense. It has proven itself as the most economical, fast and easiest method of brewing coffee around the world.

It only takes four minutes to brew and does not require any sort of "pouring" techniques. Brew it, and sink into its rich, heady and dense cup of coffee. 

STEP 1 - The Prep.

Grind 30g of fresh coffee beans to an evenly coarse grind.

Tip: The French Press calls for an even coarse grind, so make sure your burr grinder is set on the coarse setting.

STEP 2 - Lets Boil

For a 350ml French Press, boil 400ml of water in a kettle.

STEP 3 - Pour & BloomTo initiate the brew, pour around twice the amount of water than you have coffee onto your grounds. Gently stir the grounds with a spoon or stirrer and let it bloom for 30s - 50s.

Example: If you have 30g of coffee grounds, pour 60-70g of water onto the grounds.

STEP 4 - Brew Time

Pour the rest of the water to reach 350g and position the lid gently on top of the grounds. Let the coffee steep for FOUR minutes.

Tip: Avoid moving the French Press so that the grounds are not agitated while the coffee is steeping.

STEP 5 - Take the Plunge!

Press the filter / plunger down. If it’s too hard to press, that means your grind is too fine; if the plunger “thunks” immediately down to the floor, it means your grind is too coarse. The sweet spot is between those two extremes.

Tip: When you’ve finished pressing, serve the coffee immediately. Letting it sit longer in the French Press will cause it to over brew. Unless you're into that sort of thing!

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